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About us

Riv Design, a division under the umbrella of ‘Giv Idee,’ aligns its objectives and strategies with those of its parent company. While Riv Design operates with its unique business plan, it frequently collaborates with similar companies, brands, and artists.

We steadfastly adhere to key design principles, prioritizing manufacturability for ease of production. Our approach emphasizes simple yet distinctive designs, eschewing complex formulas for beauty. We prioritize using high-quality materials offered at competitive prices, and our team of experienced designers, well-versed in production processes, is dedicated to continuous learning and practical experience.

These stringent standards underpin our track record of customer satisfaction and drive our positive and effective progress.

Currently, all our endeavors contribute to the growth and advancement of the White Phoenix association.

Riv Design specializes in executing advertising and branding projects utilizing the most current and effective methods.

Studio Riv engages with artists worldwide, providing a platform for them to showcase and sell their products while offering efficient sales and financial management support.

Within Riv’s branding department, our professional graphic and programming teams stand poised to implement exceptional, practical designs.

We significantly reduce costs for budding entrepreneurs, facilitating the launch of their ventures.

Looking forward, we plan to introduce a new department named Riv Credit, aimed at providing interest-free credit services to our valued customers.